The Anatomy of a Stock Trade

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Last year I wrote a piece called WHAT THE COLLABORATIVE APPROACH MEANS TO OUR INVESTORS. I pointed out that our office works as a practical think tank. We are a group of Independent Advisors who work with each other to better help our clients.

I started writing this blog just after a low margin Canadian consumer staples stock company lit up my charting screen.

Proprietary Charts

My proprietary charts showed that it was a stock to follow as a potential buy. It was in March 2014, but I wanted another technical indicator to confirm it before I brought it to the group. The stock traded essentially sideways until a second indicator showed that it was a buy.  This confirmation came in early June. I then presented my stock to the group.

One advisor in the group did his proprietary fundamental analysis and it definitely looked like a buy. We checked our research sources and had two more confirmations. The company had made a major purchase a few months earlier and one advisor stated that would be a drag on earnings as there are too many overlapping stores. This would also be a drag on the stock price. Some stores would have to close as they were competing with themselves.

A couple of weeks later I was waiting at Louisiana’s for a lunch guest to show up and I got the news on my tablet that they were closing the overlapping stores. I immediately emailed the group to let them know the catalyst for an upward stock run was in place. The stock was a buy that afternoon. The very next day the stock started moving up and is now setting new highs.

A move of over 38% in 7 months.

Seven months later the stock again showed up on my proprietary charting. This time as a sell. It had moved over 38% in 7 months.

This is one example of many, but it shows what can happen when a group of professionals, each with different skill sets and knowledge get together and work to help their clients. We bring a co-operate spirit to the table that is missing in this industry.

We source our ideas from every means possible; events, news, mutual fund portfolio managers, research from many different sources and, of course, our own research. This also happens for any type of investment you could imagine, as well as client situations, estate discussions, tax matters, world affairs, local affairs and so on.

We use proprietary spreadsheets and charting to be ahead of the crowd. We are all independent advisors but work together for a common goal. We each have the freedom to independently use this information for our clients as we craft their portfolios. 

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