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I was speaking with an advisor from another firm. It was a pleasure to speak with a long-time industry leader, a gentleman and well thought out investment advisor. At one point we were talking about the requirements to get and continue to keep your licences (IIROC and Life Insurance Licence) in our business. Our industry has increased the requirements almost exponentially over the years.

There has never been more oversight on the appropriateness of trades, investments, portfolio structure and our focus on clients. The requirements for new advisors to get their licence is more rigid every year, and the requirement for us all to continuously earn Continuing Education Credits.

Much of this is in product knowledge, market knowledge and at least 30% on compliance. The compliance portion is of utmost importance to our clients. Raising awareness and direct compliance continues to raise the bar in our industry.

Large firms have whole departments dedicated to continuing education and are designing specific continuing education courses directly for us. This, along with using industry courses and through learning institutes such as the industry leading Canadian Securities Institute we have a large pool of industry information to continuously draw on.

Industry Accreditation

There are also industry accreditations that are available to be earned. These are formal industry designations that are over and above the countless hours spent studying markets and staying ahead of trends. These designations are earned through higher learning institutes such as the above mentioned CSI.  The examples below are all from the CSI, and the description is in their words.

Certified Retirement Strategist:

In 2013 my Investment Associate Cathie and I both earned our Certified Retirement Strategy designation.

This trains strategists in a deeper knowledge in wealth conversion and legacy planning, provides a strong foundation in tax strategies and structures and advanced technical investment knowledge. These are all practical skills that can are applied to current client situations.

It is always important to be able to use this knowledge and skills immediately and practically with our clients.

Financial Management Advisor (FMA):

Cathie earned this designation in 2005

This designation provides the following abilities in support of our clients.

  • Build and manage client relationships that result in a successful partnership.

  • Create and implement an optimal comprehensive life-long wealth management plan.

  • Establish and implement wealth accumulation and management strategies.

  • Collaborate with clients to preserve wealth and optimize the conversion of assets into income.

  • Develop and implement a wealth transfer plan that reflects client wishes.

  • Work with a team of experts to provide a fully integrated, well-rounded wealth management service.


Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FSCI):


Cathie has held this designation since 2007


Representing unrivalled professionalism and excellence, the Fellow of CSI (FCSI) is the pinnacle credential and highest honour in the financial services industry. It is reserved for an elite group of financial services professionals who have met the highest standards for industry experience, advanced education, ethics and solid endorsement from their peers and superiors.


The Fellow is awarded to distinguished leaders who set and exceed the standards for professional integrity and excellence. Its stringent requirements make it a challenging credential to obtain and maintain, and so FCSIs are some of the most dedicated professionals in financial services.


There are more accreditations in our industry to choose from. These are the three our team feel puts us in the right place to serve our clients. Of course, this is enhanced with a multitude of Continuing Education Credits that are specific to our client needs and do not add to accreditations. Choosing the right education courses is tantamount in continuing to grow our knowledge base in very specific areas.


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