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Once in a while the stars align. I have always given back to my community in many ways; including Rotary, minor baseball, scouts, Brampton Board of Trade Director, Zonta, raising money for Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation and Wellspring Chinguacousy to name just a few. I have been looking for a cause I could get behind as I enjoy getting my hands in there and making the world a better place, not just writing a cheque.


As luck would have it (call it karma or coincidence, you decide) I was at Wallis for Wellness getting fixed and ran into the visionary Margaret Wallis-Duffy. Margaret is one of those people who gets behind a cause and champions it. She is an award winning business person including; receiving the Communications Award from the Brampton Board of Trade and a Woman of Achievement Recipient from Zonta. She was working with a group called Making Our Seniors Matters. She made sure I sat down with Glenn Cunningham a co-founder of the group. Through her infectious optimism and Glenn’s vision I decided to meet the group.

What I found was so special I have volunteered both my time and money

Making Our Seniors Matters goal is to be the trusted resource for seniors and their families. Those of us in the Sandwich Generation have to appreciate being included as we become more involved with our senior family members every year.

It is a group made up of businesses and services that focus on senior service care. The group is made up of professionals from all areas imaginable who want to do a better job for our seniors to make it easier for them.

All Vounteers

This volunteer group doesn’t just refer seniors and their family to the proper professional, they continue to be involved in any and all solutions needed by each individual senior.

With the help of Margaret Wallis-Duffy’s WOW radio and TV producing team they have just finished a 13 week season on internet radio. To listen to volume 1, please click on this link:

In this first session one expert they interview is Suzanne Cook, Ph.D. - Gerontologist, Speaker, Expert Advisor and Academic Entrepreneur. A very informative talk.

Seniors Scam Alert

One extremely important recurring spot is saved for the Peel Regional Police to update us on Scam Alerts! I liked it so much I took up the sponsorship of this segment for the rest of the season. I work with seniors in my business and this is always a concern.

Partners in life and in the business of Making Our Seniors Matter

I would be remiss if I did not introduce the originators of Making Our Seniors Matter

Elizabeth Cunningham CPCA - Co-founder and principal at Blue Willow Consulting for Seniors, a service for seniors/families moving from their house to a residence or smaller home.  Providing support, resources and advocacy.

Glenn Cunningham – Co-founder and Broker SRES® CPCA, ASA - RE/MAX Realty Services Inc. 

Two very special people who have worked tirelessly to get this off the ground and continue to drive towards its success.

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