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I made the right decision when I joined Manulife Securities and my clients will be better off for it. Not just because the corporation allows me to be independent, but because of the independent individuals in my office.

The office of Manulife Securities I work in is very unique. We meet every Tuesday to review investment, tax and portfolio strategy. The independent talent and vast background of the advisors is what makes this experience a plus for all our clients. It is a proper boutique setting that is rarely found in today’s advisor offices. The independence afforded through Manulife Securities and the Tuesday morning meetings allows us access to a larger range of products and better solutions for their clients.

We will help each other craft the proper portfolio to meet the individuality of the client. We each have different strengths and by working with the group, we are able to make that portfolio special for our client. We all know that the others can help us to identify solutions for each and every client. I have worked at firms and offices that try to achieve this, but this the first I have found in the investment advisor channel.

We also don’t think we have all the answers. On average, we bring in at least one money manager a week, allowing them to personally meet with any Portfolio Managers directly that we invest in for our clients. It also helps them to weed many out. We bring is specialists from other parts of the industry, everything from insurance, to banking, to lending, to group insurance, to institutional investing, to group benefits and the list goes on. Individuals will go on due diligence trips and meetings and bring their findings back to the office.

Independence does not mean we are on our own. Quite the opposite, it allows us to work towards a world with wider solutions, more expertise and a much larger pool of professionals. More products and more ability to craft solutions is better for the client.

 If you want to see what a truly independent advisor can do for you, call me at 905-846-9060, ext.3838, email me at Terry.McIntyre@manulifesecurities.ca or visit my web site at www.terrymcintyre.ca