When working with other professional, Independence Matters

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How and when to utilize outside professionals

It is great to be working as an independent and to be able to work with a full range of professionals. I have been meeting with Lawyers, Accountants and Bankers from many different firms. They have so many innovative ways to help me structure things for my clients that are not available to the non-independent. As well I have been exposed to products and processes that can help my clients and their businesses directly. It will make their lives and businesses better.

Getting to know my client’s business intimately allows me to know their needs and to help flesh out solutions to problems they felt were unsolvable. I am able to help clients source answers to problems that at one time seemed insurmountable.  Utilizing the right outside professional is a catalyst for crafting the proper solution.

Real life solutions

I have been working with a professional who is helping a landlord who understands that his properties could easily shrink in value when interest rates go up – at the very least he feels the value of his properties will stagnate where they are. While he wants to hang on to his properties, he is looking how to continue to increase his net worth, while lowering his taxes. I have been able to put together a team and we can meet his needs.

To make this work for him we will need to work with a lawyer, an accountant and a creative outside banker to help craft the package correctly. Working with the right professionals is tantamount to optimizing his after tax growth.  They bring knowledge and expertise to the table that the average person not have.

I have contacts for Executor Assistance, Estate Issues, and Securities regulations on both sides of the border. I work with lawyers who are licenced in both Canada and the United States. Does your firm have the right Management Labour & Employment Lawyers? The list of professional that I deal with seems almost endless. Matching you, as my client, with the right resources is a priority for your success.

I will be looking at many other strategies, utilizing the right professionals in future articles.

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