Have the guts to try something different

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About a dozen years ago I was doing my regular procedure of pouring over my business, my clients and my client’s investments to keep my client’s and myself on track. I decided to try something different. I started breaking down my whole business in different ways than I had in the past.

Work with Women

The first revelation was that 80% of the decision makers in my business were either women or couples in which the woman had at least the same input as their husband. I realized my personal interactions with people allowed me to work very well with women. I decided to work towards attracting women to my business.

At first it seemed strange to be a man marketing to women, but it actually came quite naturally. While I knew that I will never understand women (what guy does?) I do know some things that generally are different about women. I also understood that if it was just a marketing ploy, women will see right through me.

Generally women are very social and will usually come to an event with a friend or two. They want to get to know me first, before dealing with me and they want to have more information than the average man before making a final decision.

To get to be known to more women in a social setting I started having regular Wine and Chocolate Tasting events; Sponsored the Zonta’s Women of Achievement Awards for the last 5 years; ran the Ladies on the Links day for the Brampton Board of Trade -during which we brought the Pink Hair Dare for Wellsprings Chincuagousy Cancer Support Centre for the last 4 years and this year I was a major sponsor for the first  50 Shades of Pink high tea, again for Wellsprings Chincuagousy Cancer Support Centre. As you can see, I worked with women towards causes I believe in. The Wine and Chocolate was just for fun.

As you can imagine, this has increased the number of women decision makers in my book of business.

The freedom to help the whole client

My second revelation was that I had a lot of business owners and executives who needed guidance in more ways than just investments. I have spent the last several years building an outside client support base so I can help my clients take care of their whole wealth package. I found that the company I worked at was going in the opposite direction. They were increasingly only interested in using their own inside sources – tying as many service to their company as they could to make it harder for you to leave. You had to fit tight criteria to use them. I could not in good conscious jam every client into their pre-conceived boxes that only ran in silos. There was no co-operation between the silos, which actually gradually transformed into a competition between departments for the client’s money. The client had no team on their side. For this and limiting our investment choices, I changed firms to become an independent with the backing of a large firm for safety. Now I can take care of these clients correctly.

I now have a large group of outside experts to be able to help my clients such as Accountants, Lawyers, Art Experts, Merger and Acquisitions, Factoring, Fuel Hedging, Real Estate, Executor Assistance, Trustees and I am just scratching the surface. I only want to deal with outside experts who understand that we are here for one reason – to increase your wealth.

While my business is growing in these areas, one thing I didn’t expect is that I still have the same split of women to men as decision makers. The difference I have found is that I have a much closer relationship with all my clients now. We know each other better and I am able to help them to find the right professionals to help them. We work with each other so we can see the big picture with our client and together, we craft the right solutions.

The biggest plus for my clients is that when the right experts are in place, and we all work towards the same goal of increasing our client’s wealth, is that each and every client is much better off. They have less worries to keep them up at night.

Since the 80’s I have been writing about this result and I call it Sleepability™.

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