7 things I know about Women and my response to 'Does this outfit make me look fat?'

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Here I am a man about to turn 60 and I am being pushed by a few women to write about what I know about women.  For some insane reason, I decided to do it. These women seem to think that because I work with more women’s portfolios than one would expect, I must know things. What I do know is that I don’t know anything about women, yet over 80% of the decision makers in my client base are women. I think that a good bit of the reason is that I am extremely aware of the fact that I am clueless about women. A second is that I want all my clients to know why I recommend certain solutions through a well-crafted individualized portfolio.

Women’s Causes

I have supported the Zonta Club of Brampton/Caledon’s Women of Achievement for 5 years (meeting some of the most incredible women), chaired the BBoT’s Ladies on the Links golf tournament for the last 4 years, donated money for the right to wear a pink streak in my hair every October for the last 4 years in support of Wellsprings Chinguacousy Cancer Support Centre, ran at least 20 wine and chocolate twinning evenings and this year I sponsored (and attended) the inaugural 50 Shades of Pink High Tea - again for Wellsprings Chinguacousy Cancer Support Centre.

Women and Investing

I have spoken at investing events for women and not been booed off the stage. I do start each and every event with the following statement (since I do realize that I don’t understand women): “there is a woman at the back of the group taking bets as to when I offend someone – not if I offend someone”. I worry that something that leaves my mouth as what I think is a well thought out statement or joke may not be received that same way.

What I do know is that most women:

  1. Want more information than men before making a decision. They will get more facts and think about making a final decision longer and deeper than a man.

  2. While potentially having the same ultimate goal as men – independence, they will take into consideration all    others who might matter in the equation; making sure both their parents and their children are thought about in their decision making.

  3. Will take on intelligent properly balanced risk. While I find that they might be more risk averse than men, they want to make sure the risk meets their personal situation.

  4. Are more open to discussing their personal and financial situation, making it easier to set goals together by knowing what potentially lies ahead.

  5. Are more open to different solutions that might be able to give them their desired results.

  6. Are usually looking at the long term. Looking for a potential quick return with high risk is not generally in the cards.

  7. Women work extremely hard to help with women’s causes. On the committees that I have chaired and been a member of I find that more volunteers step to the plate, work harder and are more creative than I see with my other volunteer work. If a woman believes in the cause she will drive hard to get the desired results.

and Finally

I have been married for 38 years, worked with more women than men in my career and have one answer that keeps me alive when asked the feared ‘Does this outfit make me look fat?’ and I know the woman asking me will not be happy that they wore this outfit:

I know your tastes well enough to know that you will not be pleased with how you look in this particular outfit.

I truly believe that is what we are really being asked, but let me tell you that you, as a man you better be right and you better mean it. The other team (yes, the other team in this case) seems to be able to see right through us if we are ducking this particular question. 

I have decided that a disclaimer is necessary for this topic: I decided to publish this before I had it vetted by any of the women in my life and I do realize this is as reckless as it gets.

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