Corporate Class Mutual Funds

Corporate class structured mutual funds offer multiple benefits to investors, especially to those with non-registered assets. The structure offers investors the flexibility to rebalance corporate class fund investments within a portfolio to adjust for changes in risk tolerance, personal financial goals and changing markets on a tax deferred basis. Furthermore, the structure offers the ability to distribute tax-efficient income, or cash flows, to investors.

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Are your assets protected from creditors?

Legislation exists at both the federal and provincial level to protect your investments from creditors.  Some offer strong protection, while others provide protection with conditions or limitations. Click here to read more.

In the Fall 2019 edition:

The decisions we make each day are deeply influenced by preconceptions and emotions. The Fall edition of Solutions focuses on the effect our emotions can have when it comes to making decisions about finances. Features include: Being aware of cognitive biases can help us make better investment decisions; How an advisor can bring you closer to reaching your financial goals; Investment loans 101; Living solo; and more.